If you are looking for a Glock 26 holster, there are four things that you need to consider before making your purchase.

The first thing is the material of the holster. You have many options when it comes to this aspect of your Glock 26 holsters and we will go into detail about them in a bit.

The second thing is how much retention does the holster offer? Retention refers to how well the gun stays in place inside of the holster without excessive force being applied by the user. You don’t want your Glock falling out every time you jump or bend over.

Next is concealment which may not be as important depending on where you live and what local laws dictate but it can be a huge factor if you are carrying in places where the Glock 26 is not allowed.

Last on our list (though definitely not the least important) is how comfortable it is to wear. If the Glock 26 holster is uncomfortable, you are not likely to wear it very often.