What is the best type of holster to use for your Glock 20? There are many different types of holsters, but when you think about it there are two main categories: leather and kydex. You may be wondering which one is better. We have created this guide to help you decide

Leather: Leather holsters are typically easier to use and more comfortable. One negative thing about leather holster is they don’t offer nearly as much protection against weather elements or accidental bumps into hard objects than kydex does. There’s also the risk that as the holster wears down, you could have an accidental discharge due to the lack of a secure trigger guard.

Kydex: Kydex holsters have better retention, almost snapping into the holster. They also are considered safer, due to having a protected trigger guard.

However, if the holster is submerged in water they can become damaged and lose retention. Another negative aspect of kydex holsters is that there’s no additional storage space for extra mags or other items you may need to carry with your Glock 20

Let us know what we could do better: What are some pros and cons between leather vs kydex for your Glock 20 holster?