CCW / Concealment Holsters for Fat Guys.

All right, I'm gonna say it, I've put on, um, a couple pounds.  In fact, I've got a couple soft batch cookies on one side of the computer, and a Sam Adams on the other side right now.  I know, I know..... I am trying to eat healthier.  I even ate a vegetable once.  

But, we digress, this isn't a nutrition page -- it's a concealed carry holster page!  Lets talk about holsters and fat guys.  Besides myself, several of my friends are kinda chunky, and we were all talking about the practical aspects of having a gut.  I mean, it keeps us warm and all that..... Seriously we've all agreed that having a gut means an inside the waistband, or IWB holster is not always the best choice.  Some guys say that they don't mind carrying their weapon in an IWB holster, but the gut makes it harder to draw the weapon.  One of my friends was telling me about his old IWB holster and how the leather part on it just made him miserable and sweaty.  I asked him, have you ever considered an outside the waistband, or OWB style holster?  He was concerned about being able to keep his weapon concealed, so he never really thought of it before....

It was at this time that I asked him, you do realize I have my 1911 on me right now, in an OWB holster??  Of course he didn't because my loose t-shirt covered everything except possibly the tip of the barrel -- depending how I was standing.  He realized that his LC9 would be no problem concealing.

 I made him an OWB rig he has been wearing ever since.  He was impressed at how slim the holster was, contoured to fit, and easy to conceal.  Like all Cold War Concealment holsters, it also provides a full grip on the draw.

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