Product updates and NEW STUFF!!

First of all, I want to mention a couple product updates.  Our IWB holsters will all be made with adjustable retention and also adjustable cant from now on!  Cant refers to the way the holster rides relative to your belt.  No cant or 0 degrees of cant is when the weapon rides straight up and down.  The adjustment allows you to go from no cant to approximately 15 degrees.  This allows you to truly customize your holster to get just the right fit for you.  If you do ever make any adjustments to the retention or the cant, PLEASE use medium strength thread locker on the screws when you put them together.  It is a BAD DAY when the screws fall out of your belt clip and your holster slides down in your pant leg so don't forget the thread locker!!

Working on getting the new Kydex options on here today!!  Adding Riptile and Kryptec patterns, so you can choose your IWB or OWB holster to be hand crafted out of these awesome camo patterns!!  Out of the 8 new patterns - I'm having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite, but I think it is the Riptile Carnivore.  Or maybe the Kryptec Raid..... You decide which one you like best when you order your holster!  These 8 new options will be available before my head hits the pillow tonight

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