New year = NEW GEAR! Walther holsters, laser holsters, and more!

Now that we have made it to 2019, we are going to kick it off with some new stuff!!  First, we have recently added some holsters for popular handguns with lights and lasers.  Take a look at the section for "light bearing holsters".  We'll be adding to that soon -- so if you need a holster to support a weapon / light combo, send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.  

NEW WEAPONS!  Just added the Taurus G2S, G2C, PT111 Gen 2, and the TCP 738, as well as the Walther PPS M2, and the PK380 to the list of handguns we support.  More new weapons coming soon -- stay tuned!  

FLAVOR OF THE MONTH!  No, not talking about ice cream or anything like that.  Starting 3 January 2019, we'll be offering a "flavor of the month" custom printed Kydex.  Each month we will change it up and offer something different, so that gives you the opportunity to get a very unique holster!  

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