Talkin' bout holsters in Stokesdale!

Set up the Cold War Concealment holsters at a craft fair in Stokesdale.  Had a great turnout and talked to some great folks!  The benefit of shopping local is that the customer and the business can really take a few minutes to get to know each other. I learned quite a bit from talking to my customers today.  Here is just a couple of small examples:

Talked to many women, a fast-growing demographic in all the shooting sports.  Guys, lots of women can and do like to shoot.  Many of them are damn good at it too!  Spoke to several who are interested in shooting, but never really had the opportunity to do so.  Locally we have a few very good shooting ranges, and I recommended those as a great way to get started.  Many shooting ranges recognize that women have an interest in shooting -- but may not feel comfortable learning in a testosterone rich environment -- so female only classes often with female instructors is not uncommon.  See what your local ranges have to offer!!  

Women are also keenly aware that this is a dangerous world we live in, and it seems like it is getting crazier all the time.  As women are getting more involved in the shooting sports, they are really recognizing the benefits of carrying a firearm for defense.  I just did a quick bit of research, and while not all states that issue concealed carry permits provide stats that break out genders, close to 35% of concealed carry permits are issued to women. 

One man looked at my holsters and really liked them, however, they really aren't what he needs.  We talked at length, and he is looking for something that I really have not seen.  I'm going to work with him when he contacts me and I'm going to create what he is looking for, and if this experiment is successful, Cold War Concealment is going to bring a new thing to the holster market!

I also spoke to a few non gun owners who were kind of on the fence about weather owning a gun would be a good idea.  I assured them that no one would force it upon them!  They stated that sometimes they thought about it, and maybe they want to, maybe not... so I said owning a handgun is a commitment.  If you aren't sure its for you, check out your local shooting ranges.  Most have guns you can try out there at the range.  You may find you love it!! If so, press on and get some training.  Then get more training.  

Lastly, one conversation I had with a young woman was about a pet peeve I have about gun stores.  I have witnessed sales people telling people what gun they need.  Telling a new shooter or maybe even an experienced shooter with arthritis or some other mobility issue that they need a Giant Super Duper So and So .45 ACP for example is a horrible disservice to that customer.  Many people have a hard time racking the slide on a semi automatic pistol.  Even a little "cute" .380 that you could buy in pink or purple has a stout spring inside there that you have to overcome in order to use the weapon, and not a whole lot of material to hold onto when you are racking the slide back.  For a new shooter or someone with limited strength in their hands, this will lead to frustration and could certainly be unsafe.  Many people would be served better by considering a revolver for their simplicity and ease of use.  I think this peeve is more prevalent in the "big box" type stores than locally owned stores, not going to name names, but the place where I've seen this happen several times has recently closed their doors.  Experienced shooters, take heed.  If someone in your life has an interest in shooting, let them pick the weapon based on how it works for them, not what you think is cool.  After all, that Giant Super Duper So and So .45 ACP that they won't carry because they hate shooting it isn't going to do them a bit of good if they need it.

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