Technology, sometimes you suck.

Little behind the scenes info here for you from the bunker. Here we are thinking we've got the Cold War Concealment web site and the Facebook page all synchronized and stuff, and along comes reality and BAM!!  Technology sucks.

We want you to have some options when you order a holster from us.  Once you decide if you want an inside or outside the waistband holster, then you need to tell us what color you want, what color trim eyelets, and it might be helpful if we knew if you were a righty or a leftie!!  We got all those options up and functional here on the site, and thought life was good.  Then along comes a customer who ordered directly from the Facebook page, and the order only tells me what color Kydex and trim.............. wait................ might be good for us to know what kind of weapon, right??

Come to find out the Facebook store only allows a grand total of 2 options.  Thats not going to cut it, so we cut Facebook as an actual sales channel.  Still keeping the Facebook page, as it is a good way to communicate with the outside world, but all sales will be here on our secure web site from now on.  

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