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What is Cold War Concealment?

Cold War Concealment is a veteran owned company, and we want to be your “go to” for everything related to concealed carry and gun ownership.  We started with our own hand crafted Kydex holsters for a few guns, and now we have most of the popular every day carry guns covered – and always adding more.  We want to be your “go to” for your everyday carry needs.

Speaking of everyday carry, you’re not done getting dressed until you have your favorite knife.  We offer some serious knives for serious situations.  Cold War Concealment is an authorized dealer for Hogue and Spyderco knives.  These are great knives and like almost all of the products we offer – made in America.

North American Rescue is well known for the CAT-7 tourniquet, and we’ve got you covered there too.  No vehicle, bag, workplace is complete without a first aid kit, and we offer the best.  Do not accept substitutes, get the best – North American Rescue.

Treat your gun to a good cleaning with kits from Otis.  Otis Technology has been in business a long time, and is still made in America.

Safe gun storage is a big responsibility, and we have a big variety of items from clocks with secret compartments to minivaults. Its up to you to keep your gun out of unauthorized hands!

Another thing that people often asked us about are pistol cases and range bags.  That led us to a relationship with Grey Ghost Gear.  Featuring a big variety of bags, pouches, and cases, Grey Ghost Gear has what you need.  They are some of the highest quality products at good prices.

Lastly, we’ve got some fun stuff too!  If you are looking to upgrade your gun, we have aftermarket barrels from Alpha Wolf, the Micro Conversion Kit (MCK) from CAA and more!

Thank you for visiting the Cold War Concealment bunker, and we hope you join the team and become a Cold Warrior soon.  Be ready when your personal cold war turns hot.