Holster School

Lets talk about holsters.  What makes Cold War Concealment a great choice?  All our holsters are built using CNC molds, to fit your weapon exactly.  This allows the holster to be as compact as possible, and  cover the trigger guard completely.  We handcraft the holsters in North Carolina, using American made material and hardware.

We also give you options. What are the options?  What do they mean? Lets hit some of the terms you'll see here.

Boltaron - This is a proprietary sheet plastic material designed to be thermo formed using heat and pressure.  Very similar properties to Kydex, but allows for a smooth attractive matte edge finish.  We use Boltaron for most of our holsters. Made in the USA. 

Cant - This term refers to the angle a holster is carried.  Cant is adjustable to allow the holster to ride straight up and down, or tilted forward about 10 degrees, so you can fine tune your holster.  

FOMI - This is the standard belt clip for IWB holsters.  It is a strong, injection molded clip that securely grabs onto your belt.  Made in the USA

IWB - This is a holster made to be worn inside your waistband.  

Kydex - This is another plastic sheet material commonly used in holster building.  Like Boltaron, it is thermo formed.  We use Kydex in some of our different color  and custom printed holsters.  It is made in the USA. 

Mod Wing - Sometimes called a claw or wing, this is an option on IWB holsters, for people that wish to carry in the appendix position. This device places some pressure against the inside of your waistband, slightly twisting the grip of the weapon toward your body for even more discrete carry.  Made in the USA.

Royalite HG - This is our dual layer material.  A thin black layer on the outside of the holster shell, with a choice of bold colors on the inside for a subtle but custom look.  This does not add any thickness or bulk to the holster! HG stands for Holster Grade, it is made specifically to be a premium thermo formed holster material.  Made in the USA.

Steel Concealment Clip - this is an upgrade option from the standard FOMI belt clip on the IWB holsters.  Made of spring steel and has a lower profile than the FOMI.  It provides positive clamping pressure, and can be used without a belt - although holsters always perform better when used with a good belt.  Made in the USA.

OWB - This is a holster made to be worn outside the waistband.  

What if?  What if you want something totally different, or you don't see your weapon listed?  What if you want a custom pattern? We are always trying be responsive to our customers and add more choices, so please call or e-mail us if you don't see what you need.