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We are a small business.  Very small.  but we work hard to bring you the highest quality gear we can. Since we are so small, I have to admit we were shocked to be nominated to be in a contest run by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce called "The coolest thing made in NC 2023".  When we made it to the semi-final round we were truly humbled!  That's as far as we got - but - wow!!  For such a small business, I think it was amazing!  Thanks to all our customers and friends who supported us, it means more to us than you realize!

Even though the cold war era is over, we still live in difficult, tense times. There are cold threats from common criminals to riots and organized terrorists. Hopefully, those threats will pass you by unharmed. If you decide to carry a firearm to defend yourself and your family, we would be honored to supply a holster you can count on if your personal cold war goes hot.

If you choose Cold War Concealment to supply your holsters, you are buying an American made product from a disabled veteran owned business. Each holster is individually hand crafted for your weapon, made from the highest quality made in the USA materials. The result is a holster you can use with confidence for years to come.

After serving just over 20 years in the US Air Force, I spent several years working as a auto technician.  It was during that time that I needed a holster, and couldn't find one that I liked.  I decided to try to build my own, and one thing led to another, and here we are!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out the page!

FAQ - Let's talk about holsters.  What makes Kydex holsters by Cold War Concealment a great choice?  All our holsters are built using CNC molds, to fit your weapon exactly.  This allows the holster to be as compact as possible, and cover the trigger guard completely.  We handcraft our holsters in North Carolina, using American made material and hardware.  

Can I mail you my gun to build a custom holster? - Absolutely not!  We do not hold an FFL so shipping a gun to us would be a criminal offense, and we will not use real guns for the molding process.  The temperatures and pressure of the molding process is very likely to damage your gun anyway and we don't want that to happen.

How fast will you ship? - We custom build each holster when we receive the order.  We typically get the holsters built and shipped within a few business days; HOWEVER, we say two weeks from order to shipping because there are delays in every part of the supply chain.  You will get an email with tracking info as soon as your holster ships.

Will the holster scratch my gun? - Any holster has the potential to scratch the finish of a gun.  Cold War Concealment and Moms Who Carry holsters are "oversized" on the slide to minimize this possibility.  The main wear point on a gun carried in a well-made Kydex holster is the front of the trigger guard where the gun clicks into the holster.  On a leather holster the wear is typically at the front of the slide caused by re-holstering the gun. With any type of holster, you can greatly minimize the chance of wear by keeping your gun and holster clean, free of dirt and grit. We feel that some holster wear is a badge of honor, showing that you train often!

When are you going to make a holster for my_____? - We add new gun models and holster designs from time to time, the best way to keep up with what we add is by following us on social media, we have a page on Facebook and also Instagram.  You can also reach out to us by email at coldwarconcealment@gmail.com

Where on my body should I carry my holster? - Everyone has their "sweet spot" for holster carry.  Many people like the appendix carry method for inside the waistband carry, others prefer strongside carry.  Keep reading for a little more on those!

Appendix Carry / AIWB - Appendix carry is when you carry an inside the waistband (IWB) holster directly at approximately your "12 o'clock" position.  This up-front access to your holster is preferred by many who carry concealed.  Pro tip - it makes it easier to appendix carry if you scoot your belt buckle off to the side. 

Cant - This term refers to the angle a holster is carried.  Cant is adjustable to allow the holster to ride straight up and down, or tilted forward about 10 degrees, so you can fine tune your holster.  

Fabriclip - The Fabriclip is a belt clip available on the holsters we build for Moms Who Carry.  It is made of a strong polymer material that is designed specifically to clip over the top of your waistband without a belt.  Especially handy for leggings, as long as your leggings have a strong enough waistband to keep them from falling down with the weight of the gun!  

IWB - This is a holster made to be worn inside your waistband.  

Kydex - This is the "workhorse" material of the holster world.  This thermoformed plastic material is strong, light and durable.  At only .08" thick, it allows our holsters to be very slim.  It is made in the USA.  

Mod Wing - Sometimes called a claw or wing, is for people that wish to carry in the appendix position. This device places some pressure against the inside of your waistband, slightly twisting the grip of the weapon toward your body for even more discrete carry.  Made in the USA.

Monoblock - Our standard belt clip on our Inside the Waistband holsters. Considered by many to be the best IWB holster belt clip, this spring steel clip is made in the USA by Discrete Carry Concepts.  It features two "arms", each with a slight hook to strongly attach your holster to your belt.  It will also hold to your waistband without a belt, provided your pants / shorts / skirt whatever has a strong enough waistband to keep the weight of your gun from pulling your pants down!

OWB - This is a holster made to be worn outside the waistband.  

Strongside carry - This is when you carry your holster on the same side of your body as your dominant hand.  Typically just ahead of or slightly behind the hip bone.  This position is popular with both IWB and OWB holsters.

If you have any questions, reach out to us!  We're on Facebook, Instagram or you can email us at coldwarconcealment@gmail.com.  You can call Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 EST at 336-331-2863