Colonel Cooper's box of crayons, he's only got four!

Colonel Cooper's box of crayons, he's only got four!

The "Defensive Color Codes" is a system developed by Colonel Jeff Cooper to describe different levels of situational awareness and mental preparedness. Here are the four color codes:

  1. Condition White: In Condition White, a person is unaware and unprepared for potential threats. They are in a relaxed state, with little or no awareness of their surroundings. This state is often described as being oblivious or completely absorbed in one's own thoughts.

  2. Condition Yellow: Condition Yellow represents a relaxed but alert state of awareness. In this state, individuals are aware of their surroundings, paying attention to people, objects, and potential threats. It is a proactive mindset that involves maintaining a baseline level of situational awareness and being prepared for any changes or potential risks.

  3. Condition Orange: Condition Orange signifies a heightened level of awareness and a specific focus on a potential threat. In this state, individuals have identified a specific target or potential danger and are mentally preparing themselves for a response. They may be mentally rehearsing potential courses of action and assessing their surroundings in relation to the identified threat.

  4. Condition Red: Condition Red is the highest level of alertness and readiness. It is activated when an imminent threat or attack is confirmed. In this state, individuals are prepared to take immediate action to protect themselves or others. It involves a heightened state of physical and mental readiness, with a focus on survival and the execution of a predetermined plan or response.

It's important to note that the color codes are a mental framework to help individuals understand their level of situational awareness and preparedness. The goal is to maintain a proactive mindset and be ready to respond effectively to potential threats, rather than becoming complacent or caught off guard.

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