What is a Cold Warrior?

What is a Cold Warrior?

To figure out what a Cold Warrior is, we need to look back in time.  Historians can't seem to agree on the exact dates of the Cold War, but it was about from the end of World War 2 in 1945 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The Cold War was a period of time of tension and mistrust between the United States and their allies and the Soviet Union and their allies.  During this time, both sides created massive weapons in order to "one up" each other, even creating massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

Both the East and the West were building weapons to deter the other from ever attacking.

Both the East and the West were building weapons they hoped they would never have to use in combat.

While the Cold War may be over - we face an unknown personal cold war every day.  The world is still full of danger, maybe more than ever. Threats can come from criminals, terrorists, or rioters.  You may have decided to purchase a weapon to defend yourself and your family.  A weapon that you train with, a weapon that you hope you never have to use in a fight.  You have decided to be a Cold Warrior.

Cold War Concealment builds gear for your personal cold war.  Top quality Kydex holsters and other gear designed to perform.  All our Kydex gear is hand crafted in our secret underground bunker in North Carolina, using all American made materials - because when it comes to defending yourself and your family - quality matters.

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