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Mastering Firearm Safety: A Guide to Safely Using a Kydex Holster

Introduction: When it comes to carrying a firearm, safety should always be the top priority. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or a newcomer to the world of firearms, understanding how to safely use a Kydex holster is crucial. In this article, we will explore essential guidelines and best practices to ensure the safe and responsible use of a Kydex holster. Choose a High-Quality Kydex Holster: Investing in a well-designed and reputable Kydex holster is the first step towards safety. Look for holsters that offer proper trigger coverage, a secure fit, and are specifically molded for your firearm model. Quality construction and reliable retention mechanisms are key factors to consider. Always Treat the Firearm as Loaded: Maintain the mindset that...

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What is a Cold Warrior?

To figure out what a Cold Warrior is, we need to look back in time.  Historians can't seem to agree on the exact dates of the Cold War, but it was about from the end of World War 2 in 1945 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The Cold War was a period of time of tension and mistrust between the United States and their allies and the Soviet Union and their allies.  During this time, both sides created massive weapons in order to "one up" each other, even creating massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Both the East and the West were building weapons to deter the other from ever attacking. Both the East and the West...

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