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Kydex IWB Revolver Holster, 'The Five Shot Holster'

Kydex IWB Revolver Holster, 'The Five Shot Holster'

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The ‘5 Shot’ Kydex revolver holster is tough but a comfortable holster to wear. The 5 Shot holster is extremely durable against moisture, sweat and direct water contact thanks to the Kydex material used (only 0.8 inch thick).

It has a sturdy overhook that allows you to use this holster without a belt as long as your clothing can carry the weight of gun.

We make these holsters in our bunker in North Carolina, each of them is masterfully hand crafted and made only from premium quality materials, including the top-of-the-line overhook belt clips by Discrete Carry Concepts


  • Only premium American made materials used
  • Available in black, coyote tan and olive drab
  • Steel overhook allows beltless usage
  • Extremely lightweight and durable Kydex holster

We can make your holster with whichever carry side you want and any color from the drop-down menu, all will be hand-crafted by our experts.

Current lead time is two weeks from order to shipping

These snub-nose revolvers can use cartridges that are really effective in terms of stopping power, combined with the ‘5 Shot’ revolver holster you can comfortably conceal carry your revolver, this holster will allow you to have a clean draw without any snags.

It is extremely lightweight, and super durable against moisture, sweat and direct water contact, therefore it’s really easy to maintain.  If you have a J Frame or an LCR, you need a Five Shot holster!