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Kydex IWB holster, 'The Atlas VALUE SERIES'

Kydex IWB holster, 'The Atlas VALUE SERIES'

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Introducing The Atlas Value Series.  Value and American made quality meet in this black Kydex IWB holster.  Made from premium materials to fit your weapon.  All our IWB holsters include adjustable retention and adjustable cant, so you can get the perfect fit.  Each holster is individually hand crafted in the United States from American made materials!

Since quality matters at Cold War Concealment, we have made the American made FOMI belt clip the standard on The Atlas Value.  The FOMI is an injection molded nylon, a tough synthetic polymer. Unlike our other holsters that are equipped with the metal DCC belt clips, these clips really must be used with a belt.

This base model of the Atlas holster is still made with the same exact vacuum formed consistency of our other holsters, but to keep costs down the edge of the Kydex is not polished like our other holsters.

If you don't see your weapon listed, or have questions, please check out the FAQ page, then contact me at

Kydex IWB holster

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